Alternative Lending-It’s Not the Dark Side of the Moon

General Melissa Silliphant 6 Oct

You’re Not Alone There are so many mortgage resources out there about TDS/GDS, bank qualifying rates, 5 year fixed mortgage rates and how to calculate your maximum mortgage amount. This is great- but if you’re reading it and thinking…well what about that bankruptcy or consumer proposal we filed 3 years ago, or the income I […]

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How To Choose The “Right” Mortgage Broker

General Melissa Silliphant 23 Sep

And these are not the same 5 tips you’ve read 100 times. And maybe you’re not going to choose me…and that’s okay too. Here is some honest advice about choosing the right mortgage agent. This is assuming you’ve already decided using a mortgage agent or broker is the right choice for you vs. simply applying […]

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How To Teach Your Kids About Money

General Melissa Silliphant 8 Sep

How to Teach Your Kids About Money. One day we asked our daughter what she wanted to do with the money she’s been quietly hoarding in her piggy bank for the past five years, waiting for her to tell us about a new toy she wants to buy. Instead, she did something phenomenal and blessed […]

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So You Want To Buy A House…

Mortgage Tips Melissa Silliphant 3 Sep

The REAL ins and outs of affording your first home Can I afford this? It’s likely that if you’re reading this you are currently renting and should have a pretty good idea based on the ease at which you’re covering your rent right now, what a comfortable mortgage payment might look like. Keep in mind […]

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